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May 9, 2021 - 1 minute read - Multipass MacOS Ubuntu

How to recover from Multipass Instance stopped while starting error

If you are not able to start the multipass instance either because of your system crashed or due to power failure and you are not able to get much detail about the error with the -vvvv verbose option.

You may be getting the output like this:

$ multipass start <INSTANCE-NAME> -vvvv
start failed: The following errors occurred:
Instance stopped while starting

Try getting the PID of multipassd and kill that process:

$ ps aux | grep multipass
user            5792   1.0  0.0  4286756    764 s004  S+    8:26PM   0:00.00 grep multipass
user             725   0.0  0.2  4524668  28044   ??  S     1:32PM   0:01.04 multipass.gui --autostarting
root               141   0.0  0.1  4498516  19276   ??  Ss    1:32PM   0:00.90 /Library/Application Support/com.canonical.multipass/bin/multipassd --verbosity debug

Kill the process with the PID mentioned on above output.

$ sudo kill -9 <PID>

Now try running the multipass instance.

$ multipass start <INSTANCE-NAME> -vvvv

The above command should start the stuck multipass instance.

Reference: macos: multipass 1.1.0 fails to start primary: Instance stopped while starting #1447